The End of the Tenth Doctor – SPOILERS

Last night I watched the end of the David Tennant’s run on Doctor Who. I was a mess. And by mess, I mean I was worse than her: And I still don’t have a Tardis cookie cutter or blue icing. Though I didn’t think his forehead was too big (that line was hilarious) but I… Continue reading The End of the Tenth Doctor – SPOILERS

Interview with Rally the Readers

I’m over at Rally the Reader today talking about Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb, my thoughts on Marlowe vs Shakespeare and how if Marlowe hadn’t died, it’s possible Shakespeare wouldn’t have been THE Shakespeare, and how Cole wound up rooming with a crazy like Dmitri. Also a bit of sneak peek on what’s next for Lizzy.… Continue reading Interview with Rally the Readers

The Next Big Thing

Hey kids! I got tagged in a blog hop. My first ever! Woot! Renata Barcelos tagged me in the Next Big Thing which is a chance for writers to talk about what they’re working on next. I’ve got two in the pot right now, the second book in the Lizzy Speare series which I’m calling Lizzy… Continue reading The Next Big Thing

Interview at Picture Me Reading

So there’s this really cool book blog out there called Picture Me Reading where aside from reviewing books and talking about books, the blogger illustrates each post! Every review gets cartoon-ed. And she was nice enough to do a review of Lizzy there (4 stars! Woot!) and an interview where we talked about things like why… Continue reading Interview at Picture Me Reading