And then Twitter blew up over a poem

Came across this today on twitter via xkcd while reading about everyone freaking out about a poem that Amanda Palmer wrote that might maybe sort of involve seeing people as complex and not just “bad guys” vs “good guys” (though mostly everyone screamed that she was anti-american and should go shave her pits) and I thought… Continue reading And then Twitter blew up over a poem

American Games

On the train, he reads the paper glancing at the headline about the nineteen year old boy who brought a city to its knees until they found him bloody hiding in a boat. And then American won again, the way we always promise we will win.   He reads parts of the article aloud whistling… Continue reading American Games

Even New York City is a Small Town at Blue Hour

I grew up in a small town. Really small. Too small to have a McDonalds until I was in high school. The highlight of life was the movie theater with the ripped screen, the diner and driving around doing nothing but waiting to grow up. When I started looking at colleges I only wanted one… Continue reading Even New York City is a Small Town at Blue Hour

Eternal Recurrence

I’ve been reading a lot of Nietzsche lately – both his own writing as well as people writing about him. My books are filled with little post-it-notes with quotes like this: But then it [the individual] discovers that it is itself something changing and has a changing taste. It discovers in its freedom the mystery… Continue reading Eternal Recurrence

Simply, Yes at Gutter Eloquence

Many thanks to Jack Marlowe at Gutter Eloquence for accepting the poem, Simply, Yes. I think it’s kind of cool that this poem was published now because I’ve been reading Nietzsche and his theory of Eternal Recurrence for novel research and I found this quote. I feel like he said, what I was trying to say in… Continue reading Simply, Yes at Gutter Eloquence