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A New Nephew

28 Jun

In the Hours

–          for Wesley Edward

In the hours before you were born

I was underground, riding the subway

and trying to learn how this universe

that you are now a part of

like the planets

and the willow trees

and me

and her

and him


which is not an easy thing to do.


Beginnings are always the hardest.


This universe began

almost without reason or possibility.


At first there was nothing

and then there was something.

A something that grew to be filled with fireflies

and creaking steps

and the sea, which still waits to greet you.


A something that grew

the way you will grow to be filled with stories

to hear and tell and remember.

Stories that will save you one day

when you will hold in your open hands

all the hope you can carry.


The universe starts like a story

At first there was nothing,

and then there was something.


A something with sisters

and tin cans and secrets whispered

between the cracks in the doors.

A language that can change you.

We are only made of words and wishes

bound tight in courage.


A something with courage, yes

to dance and to tumble

to rule like a summer king

to fight and to fly

in the days that will come.


A something we didn’t know

we needed until just



This is your story, Wes.

And this is how it begins.

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