On Zoe, Salinger and Orson

This is Zoe Keating. My friend Rob told me about Zoe after listening to this RadioLab podcast. Rob assumed I knew about her already. I didn’t. Rob is always assuming that I’m much smarter and more interesting than I am. I’ve fooled him for years. Isn’t she amazing? I’m buying her album. It reminds me… Continue reading On Zoe, Salinger and Orson

Letters of Note smorgasbord – orgasbord – orgasbord

So I’m on Twitter (surprise!) which is equal parts frustrating and amazing. It’s given me a ton of opportunities to connect with other writers, bloggers, small presses, etc., and it’s also given me great websites that I adore. One of which is Letters of Note. It’s run by Shaun Usher and according to the website:… Continue reading Letters of Note smorgasbord – orgasbord – orgasbord

Surprise Lake Camp, ready or not, here I come!

So I’m sitting here making up my weekend supply list. Here’s what’s on it: books to sell buttons fliers copy to read from (duh!) origami paper directions for craft directions TO camp sample cyclop’s eye sharpies camera DVDs of Big Bang Theory* Everything else that I’m currently forgetting *Those are for Trish the Dish (aka:… Continue reading Surprise Lake Camp, ready or not, here I come!

Magic Trick

  Can I show your friend here, a magic trick, he says to my husband. He’s old, frail, his voice so thin it sounds like it traveled from Ireland through a tin can.   Of course, I say.   With shaking hands he folds a dollar bill over and over until when he unfolds it… Continue reading Magic Trick