I write stories. Some are strange. Some are sad. Some are funny if you have a really low bar for humor. All (that are published) are here:

Terrible Scenes of Mutilation at Jersey Devil

That time all the Central Park Zoo animals got loose.

Savory at The Forked Road

When you really think about it, is there a worse sense to lose than that of the taste?

Vital: A Love Story at Jersey Devil Press: Special Issue for Eirik and Monica

Space age love story.  It’s a big universe out there. But small enough to fall in love.

Ol’ Tom’s Reminder at Drunk Monkeys

The rumor that the tip of Ol’ Tom’s blunderbuss barrel is cut into the shape of a heart is true.

Marble Soul at Medulla Review

Azra sells off parts of her soul in the Night Market. Some kisses are worth it.

Gate Night at Jersey Devil Press

Dogs. Devils. Destruction. Horror ensues on the eve of Halloween.

Paper Heart at Jersey Devil Press

A boy with no tear ducts. A girl with a paper heart. Add a little star-crossed love and you’ve got a Turkish tragedy on your hands.

Tentacles at  Slush Pile

Sometimes storms blow in tropical birds. Sometimes they blow in something much worse.

Kleptomania at Red Fez

Your typical boy meets girl, boy gets girl, girl kills boy cause she’s a banshee kind of story.

Devil’s Arcade at Jersey Devil Press

They do this great contest where you have to write a story based on a Bruce Springsteen song. I did Devil’s Arcade….obviously. Clever titles were never my strong suit.

Grace Makes Up For Beauty at Rusty Typer

Being a girl is a real bitch. Flash fiction.

One Ton Woman and the Amazonian Half Man at Liquid Imagination

Life in the freak show ain’t easy. This story has a bonus vocal track if you want to listen to the amazing Bob Eccles read it. And you do. Trust me.

Wintering at Medulla Review

Back in 1897 the Belgica sailed from Belgium to Antarctica. The expedition was purely scientific in nature. The ice trapped them and they were the first to stay the winter frozen on that ship. I played with some things. But most are true.

Birth at Caper Literary Journal

A cat gets her revenge against her abusers.

Between Living and Dying at Red Fez

Meet Zero. She’s found a dead dog.

The House at Crow’s Nest Magazine

Sometimes the veil between our world and their world is lifted.

This is Work at Outside Writers Collective and Press

One boy. One man. One ax. One flash fiction story.

Fire at Troubadour 21

Sometimes setting your house on fire doesn’t work out the way you hoped. Flash fiction.

The Bargain at Jersey Devil Press

A woman sells her soul to the devil. Then she sells a little more. But hey, that’s what family’s all about.

The Waterfall at Metazen

Those of you who know me in real life, know this story is true. And it’s actually the basis for the novel I’m currently working on.

Maman Brigitte at Bewildering Stories

Some loas + some old school New Orleans voodoo = a creepy bus ride.

Mr. Bloom’s Chess Game at Down Dirty Word

Sometimes a chess game is just a chess game. Sometimes it’ll kill ya.

The Accident at Xenith

Lou Reed changes the world.

Nonsuch Place at New Yinzer

Beware the Fey, who’ll hunt you where you’ve been.

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