Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is the ash – Leonard Cohen

Writer of the Month at Drunk Monkeys for the Trump issue.

I Hold Doors for Other Women at In Between Hangovers

Missing Out at Your One Phone Call

Oh The Things I Would Say (We Were Witches) at In Between Hangovers

Like A Terror at In Between Hangovers

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Gravity Now, How Are You Not Free and That Eye is Fire at Anti-Heroin Chic

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My First Visit to the Apple Store April 2016 at Red Fez

Radiation Day #17 at Commonline Journal

Thumbs Up, Knuckle Deep and Movies at Drunk in a Midnight Choir

The Bridge that Doesn’t Go To Manhattan and Yoga at In Between Hangovers

How We Die, Cosmic Loophole and Five Years That’s All We Got at Horror Sleaze and Trash

Anniversary at Drunk in a Midnight Choir

Blackstar at Clockwise Cat

Get On the Magic Bus and Empty Bucket at Hobo Camp Review

Moment at Boyslut

Collateral Damage, The Waiting #1 and Secrets at Dead Snakes

No Heat/No Hot Water at Pyrokinection

Leipzig Train Station at Your One Phone Call

New York Methodist Hospital Radiation Oncology Waiting Room, Key in a Lock, The First Night and Songs at Misfit Magazine

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Scanxiety at In Between Hangovers

Porn at Carcinogenic Poetry

My First Visit To The Apple Store: April 2016 at Red Fez

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I Don’t Feel Like A Fighter Today in Misfit Magazine

My Mother’s Sickness and First Opinion republished in Verse Virtual

Radiation Day 15 at Hobo Camp Review

Anger at Mad Swirl

Young Fogies at Your One Phone Call

Fight Like a Girl and Other Bullshit from Cancer Inc, My Mother’s Sickness and First Opinion at Drunk In A Midnight Choir

Second Surgery at The Commonline Journal

Two Allysons, Blankets and A Second Forever at Dead Snakes

Many Immigrants Find American Life is Centered On Making Money at Dissident Voices

Better Luck Next Year at Red Fez

Grenade at Yellow Chair Review

On Trying to Drink Less During Treatment at Eye on Life

Berlin Doesn’t Love Me at Eye on Life

Membership and Black Star at Screech Owl

Radiation Day 22 at Cultured Vultures

Premonition of a Sash at Mad Swirl

The Waiting #2 at Revolution John, Poems to End With

Ten Years Later, Allyson Stop It, and And Yet at Dead Snakes

Exam Table Paper at The Commonline Journal

After Diagnosis, Chemo and Dog Eared at The Blue Hour

Purple Socks and Sonograms at Red Fez

Humiliation Heap at Camel Saloon

Three poems at Drunk in a Midnight Choir

Three American poems at Underground Books

Marriage at The Commonline Journal

American Pastime and Emma Sings in Church at Dead Snakes

Three How to Be An American poems at The Blue Hour

Take Off at The Commonline Journal

To The Men on the Subway and Individual Liberty, in the American Mind, becomes Synonymous with America, and Americans Consider Themselves the World’s Freest People at Clockwise Cat

Big Sur, Building Civilizations and Yowling in the Next Life at Pyrokinection

One of Us Died Today, After Silsbe and Full of Days at The Blue Hour

Birthday Presents As Red As Thread, What’s It Worth To Ya? and Drive at Dead Snakes

So Say the  Fundamentalists at Unlikely Stories

That Philly Sound, The Way We Live and Landing at Ppigpenn

Three How To Be An American poems at Zygote in My Coffee

Americans Are Not On the Whole Well Informed on World Matters at Crisis Chronicle

2 previously published pieces and Competition is Omnipresent in American Schools and in Innumerable Ways Children Are Pitted Against Each Other at This is Poetry

Clean Out your Heart at Crack the Spine

3 Poems: The Good Life, Savagery and Summer Lake Late Nineties at Dead Snakes

Garage Sale at This Zine Will Change Your Life

Reason #17 at Mad Swirl

Television Rivals Family and Church as the Dispenser of Values at Burlesque Press

We Can Stand the Sound of Progress Like Jackhammers and Chainsaws But We Do Not Feel Our Neighbor Has the Right to Disturb Our Peace at Burlesque Press

Sorrow Interferes With Our Upbeat, Optimistic View of Life and People Who Are Sad Do Not Find Ready Acceptance at Burlesque Press

Grocery Store and Lou Reed Like a Black Bedsheet at Negative Suck

Ideally the American System Produces Self-Confident Capable People at Regardless of Authority

Three poems from the ‘How to be an American’ series at Dead Snakes

Three poems from the ‘How to be an American’ series at Blue Hour

Three poems from the ‘How to be an American’ series at Underground Books

But Americanism Means Believing America is a Special Nation Chosen By God and Despite Its Size the US is Not as Diverse a Country as We Like to Think and Even When We’re Relaxing, We’re Watching the Clock and finally When All Conversation Fails There Are Always Sports and The Children To Fall Back On at Horror Sleaze and Trash

Do Say A Few Nice Things About People’s Homes When You Visit and Not to Be Happy Is Not Just a Misfortune, It Is a Failure at Boyslut

The Car Accident, 1995 at Pyrokinection

American is the Loneliest Country in the World. Loneliness is the Price we Pay for Individuality at Red Fez

Long Weekend and Teaching My Cat at Electric Windmill Press

The Reverberations from 9/11 Seem Likely to Continue for Many Years at Camel Saloon

Water is Patient at Mad Swirl

Soft Machines at Blue Hour

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Pick-pocketed by the Alchemist at Electric Windmill Press

Soft Machines at East Jasmine Review

Movie Death at Pyrokinection

Worship at The Blue Hour

Meditation on Hope at Mad Swirl

Red Birds at Jellyfish Whisper

Boys and Basketballs at The Blue Hour

New York City Grocery Stores at The Blue Hour

Paris Second Time Around at The Blue Hour

Two Hundred Years to Die and Photograph Age 11 at Pyrokinection

Dying Cat at Misfit’s Miscellany

Reading my Life at Vox Poetica

What the Bridge Says at Misfit’s Miscellany

Salud! at Misfit’s Miscellany

Confessional at Plebian Rag

Garbage Day, The Ninth Apartment and Maniac at Sugar Mule

Bandaids at Red Fez

Three poems – What the Cicada Showed Me, Don’t Try, and Wake at Negative Suck

Two poems – Crash and During the Hurricane at Underground Voices

Two Poems – Life Lessons and Men and Women at Gutter Eloquence

Three Poems – Angela, Days Before the River Seine, and Turning Thirty-Four  at Unlikely Stories 2.0

Three Poems – Baseball, Searching for My Friends and These Are The Things That Make A Nervous Breakdown at Unlikely Stories 2.0

Planet Mars at UFO Gigolo

Possessions at Dead Snakes

Telling my Mother (at Nineteen) at Rusty Truck

That High Place at Gutter Eloquence

Two Poems – Being Alive and Bloody Ocean at Gutter Eloquence

Compass Reading, Orpheus and The Something at Full of Crow

Pass the Season at Citizen for Decent Literature

Passing Ordinary Time and Distracted at BoySlut

Sir Guillotine Gives You a Painless Death at Citizens for Decent Literature

The Day After the Anniversary of Your Death at Dead Snakes.

Moon Prayer at Mad Swirl

Cell by Cell at Boyslut

Two poems – The Problem of Good Writing and Commute at Boyslut

Two poems – Devout Petition and Addiction at Metazen

Inside the Waiting House at Dead Snakes

Three Poems – The Doctor, Marble Soul and Exodus at Unlikely Stories: Episode IV

Year Fourteen at Orange Room Review

All that Good Air and Water at Orange Room Review

Tiny Kitchen at Orange Room Review

January at Orange Room Review

Something Tilted at Curbside Splendor

Some Poems at Madswirl

The Book of the Dead at Haggard and Halloo

Calendar at Gutter Eloquence Magazine

That Familiar Feeling and The Dead Weighed Even Less at Gutter Eloquence Magazine

Walking to the Lake at Why Vandalism

Three poems – City, Power of Names and Tiny Revolution at Ramshackle Review

Falling Down at Rusty Truck

For Harvey and The Interview at Cherry Picked Hands

Such a Good Day and With his Silence at Clockwise Cat

What We Talk about When We Talk About the End in Down in the Dirt

After Telling You the Story of How I Fell Off the Waterfall at The 13th Warrior

Hollywood Boulevard at Girls With Insurance

Talking About Ray at amphibi.us

Three Poems – My Father’s Life Work, They Shine and Living Girl at The Blotter

Sexual Deviance and Throwing Bones and Butterfly Effect at Calliope Nerve

Tete a tete at Black Words on White Paper

Specter at Blacklisted

Leaving Behind at Blacklisted

Devout Petition and Addiction at Metazen

Eight of Cups at Deuce Coupe

Syllables at Clockwise Cat

Three Poems – Better Than the Last One, For Clarification and Manic at The New Yinzer

3 Responses to “Poesy”

  1. Gordon Pradl December 5, 2016 at 1:00 am #

    Just finished “how to Be an American.” Glad to have stumbled over it in the NEW section at the Brooklyn Public Library. An all too vivid picture of our dead-end commercial existence. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

    • Ally Malinenko December 5, 2016 at 11:43 am #

      Thanks for letting me know it connected with you. That’s the whole point of putting it out there!


  1. The Heart of this Beastly Industry: My Thank You to Small Presses « allymalinenko - July 11, 2012

    […] Poetry […]

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