And then Twitter blew up over a poem

Came across this today on twitter via xkcd while reading about everyone freaking out about a poem that Amanda Palmer wrote that might maybe sort of involve seeing people as complex and not just “bad guys” vs “good guys” (though mostly everyone screamed that she was anti-american and should go shave her pits) and I thought… Continue reading And then Twitter blew up over a poem

Interview at Dab of Darkness

Hi folks. I’m over at Dab of Darkness talking about  poetry and fiction and goats and why I’m obsessed with Robert Falcon Scott and this: Paper Heart which was published by Jersey Devil Press, was a story I was very proud of mainly because I had adopted a completely different writing style for that one and… Continue reading Interview at Dab of Darkness

Interview at Middle Grade Ninja

Howdy I’m over at Middle Grade Ninja facing the 7 Questions. Buh buh BAAAAAA (or other suspenseful sounding noise) and in one of those questions I trace the origin of Jack Tripper. True story. So many many thanks to Rob at Middle Grade Ninja who also reviewed Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb earlier this week. And… Continue reading Interview at Middle Grade Ninja

Interview at My Paranormal Book Reviews

I’m over at My Paranormal Book Reviews talking about Lizzy and Shakespeare and research and we wound up touching upon an issue that  quite a few people have asked me about. What if Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare?  I love the concept of Lizzy and Dmitri being descendants of William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe. Did this concept… Continue reading Interview at My Paranormal Book Reviews