2 Weeks Till THIS APPEARING HOUSE is out

Hi friends. It’s been a bit since I posted anything on here. Been busy with life, writing, managing my COVID depression. You know, the way we all have been but I realized that I never shared my illustrator Maike’s amazing sketches for the alternative covers for This Appearing House and I thought that might be… Continue reading 2 Weeks Till THIS APPEARING HOUSE is out

Hello and Updates!

Hello friends. It has been a MINUTE since I posted here. For as long and exhausting as 2021 was, how are we nearly halfway through 2022?? I just checked the calendar and This Appearing House comes out in THREE months??? What even is time? So let’s recap! Some fun things happened this year so far.… Continue reading Hello and Updates!


I got something amazing in my inbox this week! It’s the cover for THIS APPEARING HOUSE, my second middle grade novel which is due out August 16, 2022! It’s the story of Jac and her best friend Hazel and how when a strange house appears on the end of their street it coincides with Jac’s… Continue reading THIS APPEARING HOUSE COVER REVEAL