I am Fortune’s Fool

Today is Will Shakespeare’s 448th birthday.  Happy Birthday Will! Back in 2009, I went to London and then up to Stratford Upon Avon. It’s an amazing place and going there is like stepping back in time. If you have the opportunity to go, I highly suggest you visit the Garrick Inn. It’s Stratford’s oldest pub.… Continue reading I am Fortune’s Fool

You Had Me At Helo

All right let’s talk about Battlestar Galatica. First off, I get that I’m about nearly a decade behind on all this. My bad. I wasn’t watching a lot of television in 2004. I was going through a particularly pretentious phase where I cancelled cable. I repent! My Gods, I repent! I would like to congratulate the writers for giving me… Continue reading You Had Me At Helo

Strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff

I write in a closet. Literally. It’s my own little nook and I love it. Here’s a picture of it: I didn’t build the bookshelves. The amazing industrious crafty previous tenant built shelves AND put an outlet in AND an overhead light. I can’t thank her/him/it enough. That black thing hanging in the corner –… Continue reading Strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff


Hi there. So I’ve decided, what with there being some creative-y/publish-y sort of  things afoot, that maybe it was time to cash my chips in over at shipwreckedpoetry and gypsycampfire and consolidate. Ally inc., if you will. Hey, if Batman can do it so can I. Stay tuned for more.