Seattle: The Emerald City

“I used to hate playing Seattle shows.” – Chris Cornell This was the first thing I saw as the captain told us we were beginning our descent to SeaTac International Airport. It had been a harrowing flight. Long. Hot (especially in that lymphodema sleeve). And full of turbulence. I hate turbulence on any flight but… Continue reading Seattle: The Emerald City

The First Look Challenge: Lizzy Speare and the Hall of Hecate

In addition to letting me read her debut The Burning of Isobel Key (review here)  Jen McConnel also tagged me in the First Look Challenge and well, once you’re tagged, you’re IT. That’s the rules, right? The way it works: You search your WIP for the word “look” and then post the scene it surrounds. I’ve got two novels… Continue reading The First Look Challenge: Lizzy Speare and the Hall of Hecate

Keep believing, Keep pretending

Yesterday was the sad twenty-second anniversary of Jim Henson’s death. That seems impossible partly because I remember whole days in 1990. But also because that means we’ve been slogging around this earth without the creativity of Mr. Henson for twenty-two years! Imagine what he would have come up with by now. Last night my husband’s response to… Continue reading Keep believing, Keep pretending