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Ol’ Tom’s Reminder at Drunk Monkeys

19 Nov

A beautiful gun is a thing of wonder


So I wrote a Western with guns and ol’ curs and dog teeth and a blunderbuss with a heart-shaped tip and the very kind folks at Drunk Monkeys agreed to publish it.

In full disclosure, I stole a joke in it. But I stole it from my husband so it’s sort of shared property, right?

“Well bless your soul, Ol’ Tom. Or the black dead space where your soul used to rot.”

Ol’ Tom lets out a dog howl of a laugh and pours himself another. “That’s why I like you Davey. Godamnit, I can’t help myself even after all the bad blood now between us you can still make me laugh. You are one funny sonofabitch.”

“Yeah, well, looks aren’t everything.”

Get it? You’re funny? Yeah well looks aren’t everything.

Admittedly it’s funnier when he says it.

So thanks again to Drunk Monkeys for taking this bizarre story about two old school gangsters.

Peace Love and Starbursts,


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