On Kafka, Richter and Memories

  I have a strange relationship with posthumously published pieces. In the one instance, I desperately want to read them. Especially if it’s an author I really like because then as a reader I get to momentarily undo their death and hear one last story. On the other hand it feels like cheating. It wasn’t… Continue reading On Kafka, Richter and Memories

10 Things I need more of 2013

Here are 10 things that I need more of in the coming year 1. Well played cellos. It is by far my favorite instrument. 2. Woods in the winter before the snow, when the trees are all bony and stark and look like crooked fingers scraping the sky. 3. Tea. Because tea is perfect. 4.… Continue reading 10 Things I need more of 2013

Visiting Novel Reverie

The very awesome Denee invited me over to her place at Novel Reveries to talk about Lizzy Speare and the Cursed Tomb. Prior to, she reviewed my book. She asked me to write a synopsis in sonnet form. For those of you who don’t know sonnets contain the following: 1. 10 syllables per line 2. A… Continue reading Visiting Novel Reverie

Here’s to books!

I was hanging out with my oldest friend in the world (literally, from the cradle) and we were having one of those conversations where we talk about the years between us and our childhood growing up together, and how growing up together has effected our adult artistic life. So on the subject of books I mentioned Bridge… Continue reading Here’s to books!