Simply, Yes at Gutter Eloquence

Many thanks to Jack Marlowe at Gutter Eloquence for accepting the poem, Simply, Yes. I think it’s kind of cool that this poem was published now because I’ve been reading Nietzsche and his theory of Eternal Recurrence for novel research and I found this quote. I feel like he said, what I was trying to say in… Continue reading Simply, Yes at Gutter Eloquence

Writing about Writing about Laini Taylor

I’m a big fan of Laini Taylor, a writer whose work I absolutely admire. Actually that’s an understatment. Her sentences make my heart go aflutter, her characters make me woozy, her storytelling is gather-round-the-campfire perfection. If she would let me I would love to buy her a chocolate sundae or barring that we could run away together. Either… Continue reading Writing about Writing about Laini Taylor

The Next Big Thing

Hey kids! I got tagged in a blog hop. My first ever! Woot! Renata Barcelos tagged me in the Next Big Thing which is a chance for writers to talk about what they’re working on next. I’ve got two in the pot right now, the second book in the Lizzy Speare series which I’m calling Lizzy… Continue reading The Next Big Thing