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What the Bridge Says at Misfit’s Miscellany

19 Nov

My old walk to work used to take me over a bridge. Actually bridge isn’t even right because it wasn’t anything like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Gowanus Canal even. It wasn’t over some small brook or stream. It was over a highway full of exhaust fumes and noise. Still, each morning I would look at the things left on the bridge, the forgotten, the misbegotten, the lost, the garbage, the toys, the love notes, the shoes, books, broken things. I used to think about the parts of myself that were left, the things that we all slough off -cheap tokens to prove that we were once real. That we did live here in this moment in time after all.

So I wrote this poem entitled What the Bridge Says and the kind folks at Misfit Miscellany decided to publish it here.

Maybe they left something on the bridge too.

Also I stole the title from this Frida Kahlo painting, entitled What I Saw in the Water or What the Water Gave Me.

Salud at Misfits’ Miscellany

18 Oct


I’m thrilled to have my poem Salud over at one of the coolest zines, Misfits’ Miscellany. 

It’s about my friends Oscar and Aida who live in Madrid and last Christmas came to visit Jay and me in New York.

Patos, Aida y Ally

Te echo  mucho de menos, Oscar (Patos) y Aida. We’ll toast in Plaza de Santa Ana again soon.

Many thanks to Misfits’ Miscellany.

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