What the Bridge Says at Misfit’s Miscellany

My old walk to work¬†used to take me over a bridge. Actually bridge isn’t even right because it wasn’t anything like the Brooklyn Bridge or the Gowanus Canal even. It wasn’t over some small brook or stream. It was over a highway full of exhaust fumes and noise. Still, each morning I would look at… Continue reading What the Bridge Says at Misfit’s Miscellany

Another Day

Good morning. It’s early, yet again and after a lovely vacation from my life, I’m up and back at it with Jeff Spurgeon’s dulcet tones and fantastic musical choices with me. And of course, June. I’m been really really¬†lucky lately and got a few poems picked up in a few different places. They’re all in… Continue reading Another Day

New Poems at Boyslut

New Poems, Passing Ordinary Time and Distracted are now up at Boyslut. Feel free to rate ’em and be sure to follow Boyslut. Devlin does a fantastic job with really great work and I’m honored to be included. If you write submission guidelines are here