Happy Halloween kids! Easily my favorite holiday of the year. You can keep your overcooked dried turkeys and your relentless jingle bells. All true mischief makers know that Halloween is the best holiday of the year! I heard from a pretty reliable source there was promise of Dum-Dums in my future. ROOTBEER DUM… Continue reading THIS IS ALLY-WEEN

A few thoughts (and a few too many words) on publishing

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! THE POST IS NOT MEANT TO DISRESPECT ANY FORM OF PUBLISHING WHATSOEVER. Just so there isn’t any confusion about what I’m about to say. So I was invited to participate in the Indie Fall Fest by Krista and Kristen. My very cool press BookFish Books hooked me up with them and I… Continue reading A few thoughts (and a few too many words) on publishing

Interview with T.C. McKee – The Bone Treaty

  Welcome kiddos! Today I would like to introduce you to the very charming, very funny, wickedly talented T.C. McKee, author of The Bone Treaty recently released from BookFish Books. Wanna see the cover? Of course you do!   Amazing isn’t it? You know you’re all:   So T.C. agreed to come over and answer… Continue reading Interview with T.C. McKee – The Bone Treaty

Hiddles, Links, Books and Rowling (oh my!)

  That’s Hiddles making a little heart for no other reason than the fact that in the universe there is Hiddles making a little heart. And there it is. Don’t you feel better now? So…here we are – now nearly a month since This Is Sarah was released into the world. Some reviews are coming… Continue reading Hiddles, Links, Books and Rowling (oh my!)

And we’re finished….

After two weeks of madness, the blog tour for This Is Sarah is officially over! Phew. I had a really great time, answered some fantastic questions and even told a lie or two. So without further ado, here’s a quick recap and thank you to all the blogger who took a little time out to… Continue reading And we’re finished….