Where the Fuck Did May Go?*

*Yes it’s a David Bowie reference. Yes, I’m still upset. Leave me alone. We must always work, and a self-respecting artist must not fold his hands on the pretext that he is not in the mood. If we wait for the mood, without endeavoring to meet it half-way, we easily become indolent and apathetic. We… Continue reading Where the Fuck Did May Go?*

Cancerversary, or How I Became the Real Ally

Today’s my cancerversary. In case it isn’t apparent cancerversary is the anniversary of the day your life was radically changed by a cancer diagnosis. Mine is today. On June 10, 2014 at around 2:00 or so my doctor called. I was at work at the library. I stood in the hall near the bathrooms which… Continue reading Cancerversary, or How I Became the Real Ally

Moar Pie for Everyone, or Why Simon Pegg was right

Hi. So I made it (barely) through my first week of post-trip hangover. It wasn’t easy. More than one cookie were consumed. I had no choice, I tell you! But some cool things did come up, like my getting to talk to Vanessa Barger about This Is Sarah and writing and Antarctica. Thanks Vanessa! And… Continue reading Moar Pie for Everyone, or Why Simon Pegg was right

Greetings from Niflheim!*

Me: Winter, I'm sorry this isn't working out.Winter: *4 degree wind blows* Me: *face freezes off*Me: For the record it's you, not me. — Ally Ally Oxenfree Pre-order GHOST GIRL! 👻 (@AllyMalinenko) February 19, 2015 That about sums up my opinion on winter these days. We used to be buddies. Not so much anymore. I… Continue reading Greetings from Niflheim!*


    Happy Halloween kids! Easily my favorite holiday of the year. You can keep your overcooked dried turkeys and your relentless jingle bells. All true mischief makers know that Halloween is the best holiday of the year! I heard from a pretty reliable source there was promise of Dum-Dums in my future. ROOTBEER DUM… Continue reading THIS IS ALLY-WEEN