Inspiration Snack Time

Just a little mid-afternoon inspiration snack. Eat up! via Nadja Via PWAH Via Poras Chaudhary Via Bookpatrol Via Scott Irvine Via Treenquick Via Mental Floss And finally because I can’t seem to get enough of people with animal heads here is an utterly beautiful video by Stefan Nadelman for Ramona Falls “I Say Fever.” Happy Snacking!

Here’s to books!

I was hanging out with my oldest friend in the world (literally, from the cradle) and we were having one of those conversations where we talk about the years between us and our childhood growing up together, and how growing up together has effected our adult artistic life. So on the subject of books I mentioned Bridge… Continue reading Here’s to books!

Keep believing, Keep pretending

Yesterday was the sad twenty-second anniversary of Jim Henson’s death. That seems impossible partly because I remember whole days in 1990. But also because that means we’ve been slogging around this earth without the creativity of Mr. Henson for twenty-two years! Imagine what he would have come up with by now. Last night my husband’s response to… Continue reading Keep believing, Keep pretending

Interview with MR Branwen

So if you aren’t familiar with Slush Pile and you are capable of writing or reading, you should remedy that as soon as humanly possible. It’s a great mag, she’s a great editor and here she gives great advice: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Why I Rejected Your Submission A lovely little snippet… Continue reading Interview with MR Branwen