momentarily winding back up….

27 Dec


I’m back in Brooklyn after spending the Christmas holiday in Pittsburgh.

It was a great visit – filled with babies that left too soon and books that arrived too late and friends I haven’t seen in far too long. There were a few tears here and there, spots of sad news and worry about the upcoming year but mostly, there was a lot of laughter, a lot of food and clinking of glasses and toasts and a ton of June the Cat trying to sleep on everyone’s lap.

And there was a book release for Jay’s new novel The Librarian during which he read the first chapter (wonderfully) and everyone laughed. More glasses were clinked.

And here is a new poem of mine, from the How To Be An American series I’ve been working on. Many thanks to Burlesque Press for publishing it.

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy Solstice/Happy Happy/Happy Whatever, kids.

Be nice to each other. It’s a short life and we’re all going to die someday. In meantime, clink some glasses. Make some art.

Peace Love and Starbursts,


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