Oscar Varona

6 Apr

I spend way too much time on this blog talking about me. Time to change that.

Instead, today, I’m going to talk about Oscar Varona.

1016356_10200593286767638_783989332_nOscar Varona is a writer and artist from Madrid. Influenced by transgressive narrative styles and little conventional, he’s the author of the short story collection, Tremolo (2003.) Publications include: The New Yinzer, (USA, 2009), Mondo Kronheca Literature (Argentina, 2009), Metazen, (Canada, 2010), Ascent Aspirations, (USA, 2014), and the numbers six, eight and nine literary magazine Groenlandia (Spain, 2009 and 2010). Oscar is also the coordinator and editor of the cultural journal “Delirio”,(2009­-2012).

Though he’s been writing for longer, Oscar only started to seriously work on collages within the last few years. Personally I find the juxtaposition between the sexualized/commercialized body image/beauty standard and the organ/blood/guts/death/decay element in Oscar’s work incredibly compelling.

But I don’t know how to talk about art so I’m going to let the art talk about itself. Enjoy.











And my favorite….

21760_10204851879829803_4728391181022524805_n Each of them a perfect visual poem.

Click here for an interview and more of his work.

Or you can follow him on Twitter

Peace, Love and Starbursts,


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