Bugger off 2016

  First off, a quick thank you and shout out to Rebecca at Albany Poets for this amazing review of Better Luck Next Year Even though Malinenko is discussing how cancer changed her life, her multi-dimensional self-exploration allows the reader to appreciate how any life altering experience can disturb the way we once saw ourselves… Continue reading Bugger off 2016

2016: The Year Everyone Died

And just like that, February is almost over. I finally stumbled out of the David Bowie mourning phase. In the meantime, every creative person in the world seems to be dropping like flies. First Bowie, then Alan Rickman, Glen Fry, George Gaynes, Dan Haggerty, Clarence “Blowfly” Reid, Harper Lee, Umerto Eco, Abe Vigoda, for Pete’s… Continue reading 2016: The Year Everyone Died

We Contain Multitudes. With or Without the Little Dudes

First as always – the thanks yous: Thanks to Your One Phone Call for giving this poem, Universe, a home and to Commonline Journal for accepting this one about waking up in the middle of surgery….cause that was all kinds of “awesome”. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************ So I read this piece the other day by Amanda Palmer (musician,… Continue reading We Contain Multitudes. With or Without the Little Dudes

This Is Sarah Turns One

Hi kids So here we are….in the middle of July already. Crazy. Back on July 4th, THIS IS SARAH turned 1. Suddenly Claire is everything in the world, everything beautiful, alive, peaceful, and good, and it’s all getting away from me. The farther she gets from me, the closer she gets to the monsters, and… Continue reading This Is Sarah Turns One