Bosch to Banksy: Amsterdam/Brussels/Bruges

Hello kids. I’m back. Before we dive into the traveling story, I’ve got many thanks to give. First off, thanks to Dead Snakes for giving these poems a home. And to Hobo Camp Review for taking theseĀ (none of which are about cancer, surprise, surprise) and to Your One Phone Call for taking Morning Commute. In… Continue reading Bosch to Banksy: Amsterdam/Brussels/Bruges

Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Prague: Refugees Welcome (Part 3)

When we last checked in with our heroes, they were heading out of Germany, a train strike looming in the future and no known way to return to Berlin in order to catch their (already paid for) flight home…. The train rumbled into Prague and upon disembarking we went straight to the ticket office. My… Continue reading Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Prague: Refugees Welcome (Part 3)