Bosch to Banksy: Amsterdam/Brussels/Bruges

Hello kids. I’m back. Before we dive into the traveling story, I’ve got many thanks to give. First off, thanks to Dead Snakes for giving these poems a home. And to Hobo Camp Review for taking theseĀ (none of which are about cancer, surprise, surprise) and to Your One Phone Call for taking Morning Commute. In… Continue reading Bosch to Banksy: Amsterdam/Brussels/Bruges

Pushcart, Poems, and Paintings

So the really wonderful ladies over at Blue Hour press were nice enough to nominate my poem, Worship for a Pushcart. The Pushcart is a best of the small press award. I think it’s 100% awesome that out of all the poems that Blue Hour published this year, they picked mine. I can’t thank them… Continue reading Pushcart, Poems, and Paintings