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Letter to Big Ron (a.k.a. Dad)

15 May

Hi Big Ron (a.k.a Dad)

How’re you?

Me? I’m good. You know, same old.

So listen, I’ve got something I wanted to tell you.

Here goes: I’ve been to a couple ballgames already this year – you know there’s nothing better than live ball – but there’s a hitch.

They weren’t Yankee games.


They were the Mets.

Now, wait, Dad. I can hear what you’re saying. “Ally, the Mets? They’re an expansion team.” Which, let’s be honest, Dad, we both know isn’t really true anymore. Sheesh, it was 1962!

So why the Mets instead of the Yankees? Well the first game it was your son-in-law’s birthday. You know how he is – loves the Yankees but being a non native he relishes that he doesn’t have to choose. The Mets were the ones in town.

The second game was against the Buccos! We had to go see the Pirates when they’re in town. Look, there’s Cutch at the plate!


And then there’s this – I can ACTUALLY afford to get tickets to the Mets without taking out a loan. Which we both know isn’t true with NEW Yankee Stadium. Man, I miss the old one, don’t you?

Just for the record the Pirates stomped all over the Mets. 11-2. It was brutal. While we were there your son-in-law got into a conversation with the elderly couple that were sitting next to us (you know how he LOVES small talk, even about baseball) but they wouldn’t let up, blah blah blah Mets, Mets, Mets, not even when the dark clouds they had threatened all day rolled in and the rain looked like it was going to drench us.


Before they left they took down his email address and offered to sell us their season tickets, and Dad, I admit it – I was excited. You know I love live baseball and the Mets man, they aren’t so bad. That Wright kid can run circles around A-Rod (provided he ever plays again and yes, I know you don’t like him) but I’m just saying, I was sitting there thinking, hey, why not? It’s still baseball, right? Plus they seemed so nice – they even had a little dance they did together during the Seventh Inning Stretch.

I didn’t even mind when she called us Jake and Callie. But then, later, on the train, giddy about the Buccos win it all changed.

Me: “So that was really nice of them to include us on the email about the tickets.”

Jay: (terse nod)

Me: “What? What’s wrong?”

Jay: “You didn’t hear what she said.”

Me: “After she called us Jake and Callie?” (laughing)

Jay: “Yeah. She said ‘We may have lost but at least we’re not Yankee’s fans.'”


Yeah. That’s what she said. So you know what, Dad, the next game: Bronx or Bust. Even without my Jeter.


your favorite (the little one!)

Movie Death and My Comic Book Problem

8 Apr

New Orleans – Voodoo Museum

Hola kids.

How’s life?

Me? I’m good. Had an AMAZING weekend which included heading over to Citi Field (still almost typed Shea) on Saturday to see the Mets beat the Marlins for the mister’s birthday weekend. Sunday was a lazy happy snuggly wine in bed sort of day. I love those days.

Had a pretty good writing morning this morning so that’s always a plus and I’ve got some stuff to share with you.

First and foremost I want to thank Amy Huffman for taking my poem Movie Death and posting it over at Pyrokinection. It’s a really great site and I’m honored to be included.

In other news, I’ve got a non-fiction piece (my first) about my comic book problem. It was published by the New Yinzer which is run by an awesome group of guys and gals back in Pittsburgh.

Hey, speaking of wanna hear a true story that happened the other day when I went to Galaxy Comics in Park Slope to pick up a few books that weren’t on my pull list? Yeah? Okay, here goes:

Comic Book Guy: “Age of Ultron and Locke and Key. Good Books.”
Me: “Thanks. I don’t know why I’m saying thanks. It’s not like I wrote them.”
Comic Book Guy: “Still you have good taste. That counts for something.”
Me: “I’m a 36 yr old woman buying comics. I think “taste” is no longer a factor.”
Comic Book Guy: (awkward laugh)

Oh, yeah. I know you’re jealous. Stunted adolescence is dead sexy.

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