Letter to Big Ron (a.k.a. Dad)

Hi Big Ron (a.k.a Dad) How’re you? Me? I’m good. You know, same old. So listen, I’ve got something I wanted to tell you. Here goes: I’ve been to a couple ballgames already this year – you know there’s nothing better than live ball – but there’s a hitch. They weren’t Yankee games. They were… Continue reading Letter to Big Ron (a.k.a. Dad)

Movie Death and My Comic Book Problem

Hola kids. How’s life? Me? I’m good. Had an AMAZING weekend which included heading over to Citi Field (still almost typed Shea) on Saturday to see the Mets beat the Marlins for the mister’s birthday weekend. Sunday was a lazy happy snuggly wine in bed sort of day. I love those days. Had a pretty… Continue reading Movie Death and My Comic Book Problem