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The Car Accident, 1995 at Pyrokinection

28 Oct

Photo by Jim Lennon. Old Mineral Springs Waterfall. May 2012

In 1994, when I was in high school, I fell off a waterfall and busted my head open.

A year later, I went back there, with my boyfriend and two other friends to see it.

On the way home, I flipped my ford escort over, totaling the car. When I saw the wrecked car in the junkyard the roof touched the ceiling. We all should have been headless and yet, amazingly, no one was hurt.

My mother told me there were certain places that certain people shouldn’t go. And if I went back there she’d disown me.

I took her advice and I’ve never gone back.

Thanks to AJ Huffman at Pyrokinection for taking this poem about that accident.

And also, RIP Lou Reed. I was talking to my husband at his yesterday and, while listening to his music, he said, “Poor Lou Reed.”

And I said, yes, but he was 71 (which is pretty good for a rock n roll lifestyle) and also, he was LOU REED. I mean, honestly, he had a better life than any of us poor shlubs will.

That said, we’ll miss you Lou. Thanks for the music.

Peace, Love and Starbursts,


Movie Death and My Comic Book Problem

8 Apr

New Orleans – Voodoo Museum

Hola kids.

How’s life?

Me? I’m good. Had an AMAZING weekend which included heading over to Citi Field (still almost typed Shea) on Saturday to see the Mets beat the Marlins for the mister’s birthday weekend. Sunday was a lazy happy snuggly wine in bed sort of day. I love those days.

Had a pretty good writing morning this morning so that’s always a plus and I’ve got some stuff to share with you.

First and foremost I want to thank Amy Huffman for taking my poem Movie Death and posting it over at Pyrokinection. It’s a really great site and I’m honored to be included.

In other news, I’ve got a non-fiction piece (my first) about my comic book problem. It was published by the New Yinzer which is run by an awesome group of guys and gals back in Pittsburgh.

Hey, speaking of wanna hear a true story that happened the other day when I went to Galaxy Comics in Park Slope to pick up a few books that weren’t on my pull list? Yeah? Okay, here goes:

Comic Book Guy: “Age of Ultron and Locke and Key. Good Books.”
Me: “Thanks. I don’t know why I’m saying thanks. It’s not like I wrote them.”
Comic Book Guy: “Still you have good taste. That counts for something.”
Me: “I’m a 36 yr old woman buying comics. I think “taste” is no longer a factor.”
Comic Book Guy: (awkward laugh)

Oh, yeah. I know you’re jealous. Stunted adolescence is dead sexy.

Two Poems at Pyrokinection

23 Jan

Many thanks to the wonderful A.J. Huffman for accepting these two poems, Two Hundred Years to Die and Photograph, Age 11.

I wrote Two Hundred Years to Die after revisiting my old college campus and seeing a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s strange how time can start and stop like that. It was like being a part of the multi-verse. I could see the younger versions of myself everywhere in this wafer thin moment.

The second poem is based on a true story about me, some neighborhood kids and a dead fish. Growing up is weird, isn’t it? All those horrible sad things that happen.

Again, many thanks to Ms. Huffman for giving them a home.

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