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Updates! I’m Still Alive (and that’s about the end of the good news! jk lol)

27 Feb

Hello friends.

It’s been a while since I’ve written – mostly because I didn’t have much to write about and then also because in January I got hit by a car.


So this year is off to a hell of a start.

I was crossing the street a block from my house, with the walk and the driver made a left hand turn, claimed they had foggy windows and didn’t see me. Oddly enough I didn’t see them either because in my memory, I was looking at the walk signal and thinking about the fact that I was having tater tots with dinner and then next thing I know I’m on the sidewalk, wondering why my clothes were so wet (spoiler it was raining!) and very very confused and in much pain. It wasn’t until the ambulance that I realized I had been hit by a car. I thought it was an earthquake. I couldn’t come up with a better reason that I had been knocked to the ground. Listen, my brain goes to weird places.

I think we should back up a second because I want to make sure that everyone realizes that had this accident been more serious and I…I don’t know….DIED my last thoughts would have been about TATER TOTS and that is literally the most ON BRAND Ally story ever which sadly no one would have known about what with me being dead and all.

But huzzah, I’m not dead. I do have a broken collar bone and some nerve damage. The collar bone is a month into the three months it takes to heal and I’m starting physical therapy soon. The nerve damage will take longer and fingers crossed will heal but I was warned it could be permanent. So throw some good juju into the universe for your girl, will ya?

That said, not a day has passed where I haven’t realized it could have all been much much worse and I’m so thankful it was not.

Since I have no filter, I will say my mental health is sort of in the trash can. Crossing streets has gotten way more interesting what with all the paranoia about cars and such. That said, turns out the neighborhood of Brooklyn that I live in has 400 more vehicle accidents than any other borough in Brooklyn so maybe it’s not just paranoia.

But I am on the mend and looking forward to putting this whole thing behind me.

Check out that empty sleeve (I’m wearing a sling to keep my arm still so my clavicle can heal)

IMG_0869 (2)

In other exciting good news, my most recent WIP – the one I half NaNoWriMo’d – went back to my agent and she loved it!! So that means soon I’ll be going on submission again, making my I’m On Submission Face.

This one:


I do love this little ghost story that I wrote and because I’m cheesy I made an aesthetic so you can get a feeling of what I’m doing.


(And yes if you’re feeling the Nick Cave inspiration you are RIGHT!)

The really exciting thing is that if this book sells and someone asks me what kinds of books I write, I can say “Books to terrify your children!”



Peace, love and starbursts,


Art Has Power: Winedrunk Sidewalk Submissions Call for Women’s History Month

26 Jan


In times of uncertainty art can be transformed into both a weapon and a shield. It is used to remind us who we are, to capture where we came from and to imagine where we could be. Art has the power to wake people up, alter their path, shake them into awareness.

This past year, since the day before the inauguration, what he called Day Zero, John Grochalski has been posting a piece of art every day on his blog Winedrunk Sidewalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland.Image-1

This is a protest. Just like marching in the streets and calling our senators, keeping an account of what has happened, what we have been through and fought against matters. We are, sadly, living through something historic. I believe it will take generations to undo what damage will be wrought from this administration.

His submissions are rolling. Submit as much as you like. Submit often. He needs your work to keep this going – to keep shining a light through this darkness.

In March, for Women’s History Month, I will be taking over the blog and for the entire month I’ll be publishing pieces by women so this is my official call for submissions.

Couple things:

  1. “Women” means anyone who identifies that way
  2. Submissions include but are not limited to the following: poems, stories, rants, essays, photographs, images, drawings, paintings, collage, songs, etc. ANYTHING.
  3. Submissions CAN BE previously published. This is not so much a journal as it is a PROTEST. Just let me know where so I can give proper credit.
  4. Topics can be anything you like as long as it is relative to today’s times. Could be about Trump or the #MeToo movement or climate change or globalization or your experiences as a woman in this world. Whatever you like. The point is I want to hear your voices; your stories.
  5. Submissions go to winedrunksidewalk@gmail.com. Please put “March” in the subject heading.

And finally if you are reading this and don’t think you have something to offer but know someone who might, please share this with them.

Chins up. Claws out. This is how we resist.

Peace, love and Starbursts,


Book News!

16 Nov

Lordy it has been a long time since I’ve blogged.

So we have much catching up to do!

First and foremost, I’m so excited to share that my new poetry book FITTING THE OCEAN IN YOUR MOUTH is now available from Blue Hour. It should be up on their site soon and I have a box full of copies that arrived. If you’re interested in getting one my email is on the about page.

IMG_3030 (1).JPG

I’m really excited because working with Blue Hour has been something I wanted to do for a long time and because I think the poems in here are some of my strongest.

Here’s a few excerpts if you’re interested:

and I wonderon such a moonless, starless night,on a stark unholy, un-kissed night,what song is itthat will save our lives-Because tomorrow I will go to the doctorand he will listen to my heartand I will think about dying.Because that is what we think about when someone listens to our heart.Think about the hI cannot think of love as a constant.It must, for me, wax and wane,the way a wave comes to the shore but is still always part of the deep.I have to think of it this way – as somethingI want to know what time I can be awakewhen no one else is, what second of what hour can I find myselfthe only thing fully aware in this world,eyes openin day or darkfeeling the groaning

In other writing related news, I recently published an essay with Drunk In A Midnight Choir. It’s called “Off the Rag: The Story of How I Got Cancer, Lost My Period and Found My Way Back to Womanhood”

Here’s an excerpt:

Rousseau spent a lot of time musing about the body versus the mind. What was the mind? Where did it live? Was it your soul? Was it your brain? He did as men are apt to do and prescribed the mind to be the realm of man. The mind was clean and logical and precise. It calculated and mused and did the sort of things like philosophize about the body vs mind dualism. The body on the other hand was messy, wet, sticky, and damaged. Capable of dying. The body, according to Rousseau, was womanly. He could not keep these two things together.  For Rousseau they were distinct and separate. There was the perfection of the mind trapped in the imperfection of the messy doomed body. The body’s mortality would destroy the mind’s potential immortality.

I wonder sometimes if I ever thought about these things before the cleaving. Before the doctor with the soft voice, before all the needles and blades that would cut me open, scoop me out and sew me back up. Did I spend much time thinking about where the mind lived? Did I consider my body and mind to be one thing that made up what I called woman? This person called Ally? Did I ever even think about it before the hatchet of diagnosis came down and separated the two? Before I became, like Rousseau, a mind trapped in a dying body.

And I also had the pleasure of being the Writer of the Month over at Drunk Monkeys.

ally wotm

It’s their Trump themed issues so prepare for me having all the feels and the angers.

Speaking of Trump, to all my creatives out there, remember John Grochalski is still going strong with WinedrunkSidewalk: Shipwrecked in Trumpland

If you’ve got images, photos, paintings, rants, essays, poems, whatever you’ve cobbled together send it his way. Putting art into the world during these horrible times is RESISTANCE.

Hit him up at winedrunksidewalk at gmail dot com.

Yesterday was, horrifyingly, Trump’s 300th day in office. On a brighter note it was also the 20th anniversary of my first date with Mr. Grochalski which is crazy. Look at us! BABIES!


I remember a month or so later when I was home for Christmas I told my mother he was “the one.” She raised a skeptical eyebrow, understandably, I was 20, but I knew the way you know about a good melon.


And finally my agent started subbing my novel Palimpsest 44 days ago and my face has basically been like this the whole time.

IMG_2786 (1)

Hold me.

Peace, love and Starburts



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