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Word Cloud

20 Sep

Word clouds are cool.

I got this from my good friend Jes via  Word It Out. They make word clouds out of text and Jess did it for her first book – Tab Bennett and the Inbetween – which you can (and should) buy here. Take my word for it, she’s very talented.

So I borrowed her idea and here’s the word cloud for Lizzy Speare the Cursed Tomb.

The words that are used the most often are the biggest. There’s a lot of Lizzy and Jonathan and Sammy. There’s some Cleo but the next book will have even more Cleo. There’s some Shakespeare, some Rupert and some Leonard.

But some of the best parts are the little phrases that pop up:

  • Help Rupert (there’s a major plot point!)
  • Please Muse thing
  • Lizzy’s thought

And my favorite: Shakespeare Everything Something

It’s just a very cool way to look at a story, all puffed up like that.

And finally here’s the word cloud for my favorite chapter in the book. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about what happens to our “cursed girl.”

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