Greetings from Niflheim!*

Me: Winter, I'm sorry this isn't working out.Winter: *4 degree wind blows* Me: *face freezes off*Me: For the record it's you, not me. — Ally Ally Oxenfree Pre-order GHOST GIRL! 👻 (@AllyMalinenko) February 19, 2015 That about sums up my opinion on winter these days. We used to be buddies. Not so much anymore. I… Continue reading Greetings from Niflheim!*

On Zoe, Salinger and Orson

This is Zoe Keating. My friend Rob told me about Zoe after listening to this RadioLab podcast. Rob assumed I knew about her already. I didn’t. Rob is always assuming that I’m much smarter and more interesting than I am. I’ve fooled him for years. Isn’t she amazing? I’m buying her album. It reminds me… Continue reading On Zoe, Salinger and Orson