A Quick Health Update

Hi friends!

I’m going to keep this short but if you’ve been following along at home you know that I had a bit of health thing back in 2014 (lol, I got cancer).

So anyway three plus years of treatment (pills and injections) and I counted down to the final injection seen here:

It was the end of 2017 and I had a very good day.

So why am I writing this? Well it seems I took a little test to find out the chances of me having a “distant recurrence” – that’s cancer somewhere else in my body. And much to my surprise I tested as a risk. Not like a terrible big risk but, you know, a risk.

So last month we started up treatment again, back on the shots and changing up the pill cocktail.

I’m fine. I really am. But I might wind up talking about it online so i thought I would just put it all here.

I mean does it suck that I have another three years of this nonsense ahead of me? For sure. Just ask my soul pictured below.

But I also know that so many people (people that I know and love) have been through so much worse and that is the perspective I’m taking with me.

So that’s that. Again, I’m FINE. Nothing new was found. I can’t stress that enough.

But I’m just making sure nothing goes popping off again.

Like Big Ron, my unforgettable Dad, says, “It’s just a bump in the road.”

I love you guys.

Peace, love and starbursts,


By Ally Malinenko

I live in Brooklyn which is good except when it’s not which is horrid. I’ve been writing for awhile, and have some stuff published and some stuff not. I don’t like when people refer to pets as their children and I can’t resist a handful of cheez-its when offered. I have a burning desire to go to Antarctica, specifically to the South Pole so I can see where Robert Falcon Scott died. I like to read books. I like to write stories and poems. I even wrote some novels. You can read them.

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